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The Spider Labyrinth - Blu-Ray Disc Special Edition   

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Artikel: 1529099
Movie: 12662952

Regionencode [?] 0 - Codefree (NTSC)
Originaltitel Il Nido Del Ragno
The Spider Labyrinth
Genre Horror / Mistery / Thriller
Produktionsland Italien
Herstellungsjahr 1988

Schauspieler William Berger, Stéphane Audran, Margareta von Krauss, Roland Wybenga, Massimiliano Pavone, Paola Rinaldi, Valeriano Santinelli, Claudia Muzii
Regie Gianfranco Giagni
Autor(en) Gianfranco Giagni, Tonino Cervi
Produzent(en) Tonino Cervi
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital)
Italienisch   (Dolby Digital)
Untertitel Englisch

For more than three decades, the remarkable debut feature – and sole horror film – by award-winning director Gianfranco Giagni has been one of the most elusive Italian horror titles in home video history…until now: When an American professor is sent to Budapest to complete a mysterious research project, he’ll become ensnared in a mind-bending web of sexual provocation, occult carnage and arachnidian havoc. Roland Wybenga, William Berger (FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON) and Stéphane Audran (FACELESS) star in this “invaluable contribution to ‘80s Italian Horror” (Screen Rant) featuring unnerving special effects by Sergio Stivaletti (CEMETERY MAN) and an outstanding score by Franco Piersanti (TERRAFERMA), now scanned in 4K from the original vault negative at Cinecittà with a remastered soundtrack and over 4 hours of new Special Features for the first time ever.

Bildformat Aufbereitet für 16:9 Bildschirme
Altersfreigabe Unbekannt
Laufzeit 86 Minuten
Veröffentlichung 26.03.2024

Special Features
  • Audio Commentary With Dr. Will Dodson, Professor Of Rhetoric And Media Studies, And Ryan Verrill, Host Of The Disc Connected
  • Caught In A Web – Interview With Director Gianfranco Giagni
  • Arachne – Interview With Screenwriter Gianfranco Manfredi
  • All The Colors Of A Spider – Interview With Cinematographer Nino Celeste
  • Smile Of The Spider Woman – Interview With Actress Paola Rinaldi
  • Death In Stop Motion – Interview With Special FX Artist Sergio Stivaletti
  • Web Of The Weird – Placing SPIDER LABYRINTH In The Weird Genre With Dr. Will Dodson, Ryan Verrill And Erica Shultz, Author Of The Sweetest Taboo: An Unapologetic Guide To Child Kills In Film
  • Trailer

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