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Gambling City   [KOC-Koch]

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Artikel: 1054688
Movie: 18754444

Regionencode [?] 1 - USA (NTSC)
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Originaltitel La Città Gioca D'Azzardo
Gambling City
The Cheaters
Hetzjagd Ohne Gnade
Genre Drama / Krimi
Produktionsland Italien
Herstellungsjahr 1975

Schauspieler Tom Felleghy, Enrico Maria Salerno, Luc Merenda, Vittorio Fanfoni, Carlo Gaddi, Salvatore Puntillo, Corrado Pani, Carlo Alighiero, Dayle Haddon, Giuseppe Terranova, Lino Troisi, Bruno Arié, Giovanni Javarone, Piero Palermini, Loris Pereira Lopez
Regie Sergio Martino
Autor(en) Sergio Martino, Ernesto Gastaldi
Produzent(en) Luciano Martino
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital - Mono)
Italienisch   (Dolby Digital - Mono)
Untertitel Englisch
Covertext Hidden within the nightclubs of Milan are private casinos that offer illegal gambling to the highest bidders. Into this world comes Luca Altieri, the fastest card shark in town. Now, he's caught the eye of "The President", the underworld's most powerful figure, and he's no longer working alone. What's worse, Luca's fallen in love with Maria Luisa, the gorgeous girlfriend of the President's power-mad and insanely jealous son, Corrado. Can Luca make off with the girl and his winnings without getting killed? Even a betting man like Luca has to admit that the cards are stacked against him this time. Better known for his giallo and polizia thrillers, GAMBLING CITY shows that director Sergio Martino (TORSO, MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD) could also handle lighter fare with great ease. Working off of a script he co-wrote with frequent collaborator Ernesto Gastaldi (THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH, MY NAME IS NOBODY), GAMBLING CITY is an exciting and action-packed thriller with plenty of romantic and comedic touches populated by likeable characters. The first-rate cast is lead by Luc Merenda (THE VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS, LES MANS) as Luca, supermodel Dayle Haddon (NORTH DALLAS FORTY), Enrico Maria Salerno (NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS) and Corrado Pani (ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS), and filled with beautiful locations in Milan and the French Riviera. In the tradition of such card shark classics as THE STING, GOD OF GAMBLERS and ROUNDERS, GAMBLING CITY is a royal flush of style and entertainment.

Bildformat 2.35:1 Aufbereitet für 16:9 Bildschirme
Laufzeit 101 Minuten
Veröffentlichung 26.07.2005

Special Features
  • Chatting with the Cheaters - Interviews with Director Sergio Martino, Cinematographer Giancarlo Ferrando and Star Luc Merenda
  • Commentary with Star Luc Merenda
  • Original Italian Theatrical Trailer
  • Poster Gallery
  • Collectible Booklet - Includes Talent Bios

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