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The Brain That Wouldnt Die - Special Edition   [SYN-Synapse]

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Artikel: 9011203
Movie: 90067131

Regionencode [?] 0 - Codefree (NTSC) (Film in s/w)
Originaltitel The Brain That Wouldn't Die
The Head That Wouldn't Die
Der Kopf, Der Nicht Sterben Durfte
Genre Horror / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Produktionsland USA
Herstellungsjahr 1959

Schauspieler Jason Evers, Virginia Leith, Leslie Daniels, Bruce Kerr, Marilyn Hanold, Fred Martin, Paula Maurice, Adele Lamont, Bonnie Sharie, Arny Freeman, Bruce Brighton
Regie Joseph Green
Autor(en) Rex Carlton, Joseph Green
Produzent(en) Rex Carlton
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital - Mono)
Untertitel -
Covertext Dr. Bill Cortner is a surgeon like his father. After reviving a patient using experimental techniques, his father is nervous. Dont try to play God, he warns him. But Dr. Cortner obviously isnt listening. He is obsessed with performing surgical transplants and continues to experiment with amputated limbs he steals from the local hospital.While driving to his secret mountain laboratory to tend to an emergency, Cortners recklessness causes an accident and his car careens off the road, Killing his fiance. Not one to pass up the opportunity, Cortner steals her decapitated head from the burning wreckage and tries to keep it alive long enough to find a suitable body to reattach it to.As the doctor stalks women and searches for a new body, Jans decapitated head stays alive in a tray - telepathically communicating with something locked away in the laboratory closet - plotting her revenge on the doctor for not letting her die in peace.Previous home video releases of this classic film were butchered TV prints, but Synapse Films is proud to present The Brain That Wouldnt Die in its original uncut form, containing all of the extra gory footage! An obvious inspiration for such films as Re-Animator and even Steve Martins The Man With Two Brains, The Brain That Wouldnt Die is classic cult entertainment and a treat for all horror film fans!

Bildformat Windowboxed
Laufzeit 90 Minuten

Special Features
  • Windowboxed Version
  • New Digital Wetgate Transfer
  • Uncensored Edition
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Liner Notes by Bryan Senn
  • Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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