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A Galaxy Far, Far Away - 10th Anniversary Special Edition   

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Artikel: 1622447
Movie: 18669041

Regionencode [?] 1 - USA (NTSC)
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Originaltitel A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Genre Dokumentation / Special Interest
Produktionsland USA
Herstellungsjahr 2001

Schauspieler Robert Loggia, Andy Garcia, Joe Pesci, Meat Loaf, James Duval, Roger Corman, Tariq Jalil
Regie Tariq Jalil
Autor(en) Tariq Jalil
Produzent(en) Terry Tocantins, Biagio Messina, Joke Fincioen
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital)
Untertitel -
Covertext No other series of films has achieved greater commercial success, or captured the attention of as many viewers, as Star Wars, its two sequels, and the continuing series of prequels. Filmmaker Tariq Jalil had long been fascinated by the passionate following the films inspired, and when the publicity machine began rolling for the release of Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace in 1999, he assembled a camera crew to document the fans who waited in line (some for as long as a month and a half) in order to be among the first to see the long-awaited film on its first day of release. Along the way, Jalil also interviewed a number of other passionate Star Wars devotees, and the documentary A Galaxy Far, Far Away examines the cultural phenomenon of Star Wars fandom, from celebrities who stop by to see the film on opening weekend (including Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Pesci, Meat Loaf, and Roger Corman) to Star Wars-inspired rapper Jam Master Jedi and a number of rabid toy collectors who nearly riot while trying to get their hands on Episode I action figures.

Bildformat Fullscreen 1.33:1
Laufzeit 80 Minuten
Veröffentlichung 24.03.2009

Special Features
  • Deleted scenes
  • Original commentary
  • All New Audio Commentary by the Producer & Director
  • Original trailer
  • All New Trailer
  • Special 10th Anniversary Interviews with the Producer & Director
  • Special 10th Anniversary MSTK3-style Video Commentary with the Producer & Director

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