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.hack//SIGN - Sign Login - Vol. 1 - Limited Edition   

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Artikel: 1497082
Movie: 10710906

Regionencode [?] 0 - Codefree (NTSC)
Covertext Get ready to login to the most successful online game ever! "The World" is now played by millions of people across the globe. Players can trade items, form parties, and go on quests.

But none of that concerns Tsukasa. All he wants to do is logout. But he can't. For some reason, he's trapped within the World, a virtual prisoner. He also has some rather unique abilities, including a monster that defeats his enemies for him. These unusual circumstances make Tsukasa a curiosity to some, and a target to others.
During his wanderings, he meets a variety of people. He has no idea, however, that these chance encounters may become his only hope of being freed from the grip of the World. Contains episodes 1-5.
Special Features
  • Exclusive "Grunty" Plush Doll
  • Exclusive .hack//Sign T-Shirt
  • Original .hack//Sign CD Soundtrack
  • .hack//Sign Postcards and Stickers
  • Free .hack//INFECTION Playstation 2 Demo Disc

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