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Flower And Snake - The Ultimate Collection Box

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Artikel: 1092625
Movie: 90025521

Regionencode [?] 3 - SÜDOST-ASIEN (NTSC)
Benötigt Codefree-Player zum Abspielen!
Originaltitel Hana To Hebi
Flowers And Snakes
Flower And Snake
Diese Box enthält
folgende Filme
  • Hana To Hebi
  • Hana To Hebi: Jigoku-Hen
Genre Drama / Eastern-Asia / Erotik / Exploitation
Produktionsland Japan
Herstellungsjahr 1974

Schauspieler Naomi Tani, Nagatoshi Sakamoto, Hijiri Abe, Hiroko Fuji, Kôji Yashiro, Akira Takahashi, Yasuhiko Ishizu
Regie Masaru Konuma
Autor(en) Yôzô Tanaka
Sprache (Tonformat) Japanisch (Dolby Digital - 2.0 Stereo)
Untertitel Chinesisch, Englisch
Covertext Five different stories, 5 different lascivious sexual experiences. S&M in its most extreme form, with abundant postures exceeding human's physical limitations and tolerance of pain. "Flower And Snake" series is a classic of Japanese S&M aesthetic erotica. The stunning scenes will provoke your suppressed sexual desires, lead you into a world of unpreceedented sensual pleasures and indulgence.

Flower And Snake:
Shizuka (pink film starlet, Naomi Tani) is the aristocratic wife of Senzo Toyama, the president of a large company. Repulsed by her husband, she enlists her lifelong maid to act as a surrogate to appease his sexual desires. When the maid does not satisfy, Senzo often advances on Shizuka. After threatening to divorce him, Senzo orders his employee, Yoshi, to abduct his wife and train her in the ways of sexually submissiveness. Yoshi, who has been rendered impotent due to a childhood trauma, uses the opportunity to rid himself of his affliction. With the help of his domineering mother, the owner of an adult toy store and pornographer, they break Shizuka's will and open her perception of pleasure to torture and humiliation.

Flower And Snake 2:
Shogoro Nishimura directs this adaptation of erotica author Dan Oniroku's novel. Kaori Aso lives in the wealthy family. She cheated her stepmother that she has been kidnapped by somebody. Unfortunately, Aso's accomplice really kidnapped Aso and her stepmother and forced them to play SM games. Aso's driver tried to rescue them, however...

Flower And Snake 3:
This film is originally from the famous erotica author Dan Oniroku\'s novel: Flower and snake series. Written art performer Shizuko has married Toyama, a successful business man. She concentrates on teaching her student, Mitsuko. Toyama's former business partner Tashiro kidnapped Shizuko as a revenge to Toyama who refused to save his business. Shizuko is treated as a sex toy and sex slave, the ultimate goal of Tashiro is to train up Shizuko to be a porn star. Mitsuko is brought to Tashiro and both the master and student forced to accept the training and coaching to become a porn star. Tashiro invited Toyama for a SM show, and Toyama is shocked to found that the SM queen and porn star on stage are his missing wife Shizuko and her student Mitsuko...

Flower And Snake 4:
Rope magic is the fourth episode of the "flower and snake" series, and another great example of the "Filmu Pinku" genre. The main ingredients of the film are lust, submission and bondage in typical Japanese style.

A gambler uses his wife and daughter as collateral for a loan. When he is unable to pay back the loan, daughter and mother are kidnapped by the Yakuza gang that lent him the money. From this moment on, the women have to endure endless abuse and torture by the ruthless gangsters.

Flower And Snake 5:
This film is originally from the famous erotica author Dan Oniroku's novel ; Flower and Snake series. Construction tycoon Toyama contracted enmity by taken away all the things from his competitor. His employee, Nozawa was used by his enemy betrayed and kidnapped Toyama's daughter Kumiko and his wife Shitsuko. Both are tortured by Numata, the guy behind all these. Once they successfully escaped, but soon betrayed by their best friend, Michiko. Both Kumiko and Shitsuko fall into the hell of S & M, and their bodies has turned into horny bodies with endless demand sexually.

Altersfreigabe ab 18 Jahren
Laufzeit 365 Minuten
Anzahl Discs 5
Veröffentlichung 05.08.2008

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