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DVD Versand mit riesiger Auswahl und portofreier Lieferung. Filme aus allen Bereichen: Comedy, Action, Drama, ...


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Artikel: 9014131
Movie: 90102671

Regionencode [?] 2 - EUROPA / JAPAN (PAL)
Originaltitel Trasgredire
Genre Drama / Erotik / Comedy
Produktionsland Italien
Herstellungsjahr 2000

Schauspieler Antonio Salines, Max Parodi, Francesca Nunzi, Vittorio Attene, Leila Carli, Mauro Lorenz, Jarno Berardi, Chiara Gobbato, Remo Pizzaroni, Yuliya Mayarchuk
Regie Tinto Brass
Autor(en) Tinto Brass, Silvia Rossi, Carla Cipriani, Nicolaj Pennestri, Massimiliano Zanin
Produzent(en) Mauro Sangiorgi
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch
Untertitel -
Covertext The newest film from Italian master of eroticism, film director Tinto Brass is now available. This sexually charged masterpiece tells the story of the beautiful young
Carla, who has just moved to London. She longs for her lover Matteo to come from his home in Venice and join her in England. Carla spends her days searching for an
apartment for the two to share. Dressed in unbelievably sexy outfits Carla wanders around London searing for a suitable flat. Everywhere Carla goes she causes a
delirium of sexual turmoil driving both men and women crazy with desire. Attempting to stay faithful to her far away lover, Carla only succeeds in driving those who desire her more crazed with lust.
Once again Tinto proves his ability to light up the screen with beautiful women thrown into erotic situations. His choice for the lead in this film, the stunning
Russian beauty Yuliya Mayarchuk, is a surprising divergence from the customary Brass woman of the past films. Typically Brass casts females who are very full
bodied with a large bosom and an ample hind quarters. Yuliya is extremely thin and very toned and is a superb change of pace for Tinto. If you are a Brass fan, as a
growing number of people are, this film is a must see. Also starring Jarno Berardi, Francesca Nunzi, Max Parodi, Mauro Lorenz, Antonio Salines. Music by Pino

Bildformat 1.75:1
Altersfreigabe Unbekannt
Laufzeit 98 Minuten
Veröffentlichung 07.09.2005

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