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Bruce Lee - 30th Anniversary Box Set   

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Artikel: 1892729
Movie: 15692439

Regionencode [?] 2 - EUROPA / JAPAN (PAL)
Originaltitel The Chinese Connection
Jing Wu Men
Fist of Fury
Todesgrüsse Aus Shanghai
Diese Box enthält
folgende Filme
  • Fists Of Fury
  • Game Of Death
  • Return Of The Dragon
  • The Chinese Connection
Genre Action / Eastern-Asia / Hongkong / Kurzfilm / Martial Arts / Gangster / Independent
Produktionsland Hongkong
Herstellungsjahr 1972

Schauspieler Bruce Lee, Ching-Ying Lam, Feng Tien, Robert Baker, Nora Miao, Yin-Chieh Han, Tony Liu, Riki Hoshimoto, Wei Lo, San Chin, Quin Lee, Chung-Hsin Huang, Yin Chi Lee, Jun Arimura, Fu Ching Chen
Regie Wei Lo
Autor(en) Wei Lo
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital)
Untertitel -
Covertext July 20th 2003 will mark the 30th Anniversary of the passing of Bruce Lee, a man who has inspired millions around the World with his indelible contribution to the World of Martial Arts Action Cinema.
In a short lifetime defined by dedication, innovation and triumph over adversity, Bruce Lee revolutionized the world of martial arts through his profound teachings and philosophy, and created an enduring legacy through his work in motion pictures that wil impassion and inspire audiences for generations to come.

Including special limited edition disc, which is exclusive to this 30th Anniversary Box set and features an additional 3 hours of specially commissioned DVD extras including a re-mastered edition of Bruce Lee's only surviving screen-test, a rare and extensive collection of photographs from each of his films, and interviews with family and friends.

Altersfreigabe ab 18 Jahren
Laufzeit 389 Minuten
Anzahl Discs 6
Veröffentlichung 23.07.2003

Special Features
  • Commemorative Book
  • Complete And Uncensored Versions Of "The Big Boss", "Fist Of Fury", "Way Of The Dragon" and "Game Of Death"(2 Discs)
  • A Catalogue Of Films
  • Deleted Footage
  • Featurettes
  • Interviews
  • Audio Commentaries

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