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DVD Versand mit riesiger Auswahl und portofreier Lieferung. Filme aus allen Bereichen: Comedy, Action, Drama, ...

Swedish Erotica - Vol. 1   [Revelation Films Ltd]

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Artikel: 1691334
Movie: 16287956

Regionencode [?] 2 - EUROPA / JAPAN (PAL)
Originaltitel Anita
Anita - Ur En Tonårsflickas Dagbok
Schwedenmädchen Anita
Anita - Swedish Nymphet
Diese Box enthält
folgende Filme
  • Anita
  • Exposed
  • The Language Of Love
Genre Dokumentation / Drama / Erotik / Thriller / Gay-Movie / Lehrfilm
Produktionsland Schweden
Herstellungsjahr 1973

Schauspieler Stellan Skarsgård, Christina Lindberg, Per Mattsson, Michel David, Danièle Vlaminck
Produzent(en) Ove Wallius, Inge Ivarson
Sprache (Tonformat)
Untertitel -
Covertext The Language Of Love: The Mother Of All Sex Education Films - A Modern, advanced film about sexual education and behaviour based on clinical research by famous American and Swedish doctors. The film deals with all kinds of problems connected with the sexual relationship of people, including the role of sex in society, the question of prejudices and taboos, sex in clothes and sex in art.

Anita - Swedish Nymphet: The Story Of A 16 Year Old Nymphomaniac's Behaviour - Anita is a 16 years old, and while she has developed early physically, with the body of a mature woman, she is psychologically completely ruthless. During her troubles she meets Erik, a young psychology student. Gently and carefully he begins to dispel her psychological blocks. In the course of this treatment she reveals to him some of the shocking episodes of her previous experience.

Expose: Banned In 30 Countries, Now See It Without A Single Cut! - Lena is torn between her innocent boyfriend and the older, more experienced, and sadistic sociopath Helge. To get away Lena runs away and befriends a promiscuous and friendly couple who she stays with in a summer cabin. Her boyfriend finds her there and takes her back to the city, where she yet again is torn between her boyfriend and the older man.

Bildformat Fullscreen 1.33:1
Altersfreigabe ab 18 Jahren
Laufzeit 290 Minuten
Anzahl Discs 3
Veröffentlichung 03.03.2008

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