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Mighty Gorga - One Million Ac/Dc - Something Weird Video   [IME-Image Entertainment]

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Artikel: 1492025
Movie: 18486031

Regionencode [?] 1 - USA (NTSC)
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Originaltitel The Mighty Gorga
Diese DVD enthält
folgende Filme
  • One Million AC/DC
  • The Mighty Gorga
Genre Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / B-Movie / Independent
Produktionsland USA
Herstellungsjahr 1969

Schauspieler Scott Brady, Kent Taylor, Anthony Eisley, Gary Kent, Gary Graver, Bruce Kimball, William Bonner, Greydon Clark, Lee Parrish, Megan Timothy, Sheldon Lee, John F. Parker
Regie David L. Hewitt
Autor(en) David L. Hewitt, Jean Hewitt
Produzent(en) David L. Hewitt, Robert Vincent O'Neill
Sprache (Tonformat) Englisch   (Dolby Digital - Mono)
Untertitel -
Covertext It's the film that makes "King Kong" look like a classic! Meet "The Mighty Gorga" (1969, 84 min.), a goofy-looking (and often cross-eyed) giant gorilla played by a guy in the worst ape suit ever seen in a motion picture! Journey to a Prehistoric Plateau and also meet a tyrannosaurus played, no surprise, by a guy wearing the worst dinosaur suit ever seen in a motion picture. It's a special effects non-spectacle so stupid it's breathtaking! Other creatures include a serpent guarding the Lost Treasure of Bronson Canyon, and such B-movie dinosaurs as Anthony Eisley, Kent Taylor, and Scott Brady. Then the same tyrannosaurus gobbles up cave gals in "One Million AC/DC" (1969, 64 min.), a caveman sex comedy written by none other than "Plan 9 from Outer Space's" Edward D. Wood, Jr. This berserk stone age skinflick also features a horny ape, a cave orgy, dinosaurs from the original "One Million B.C.," and lines like "I'm off to see the lizard." Wow.

Bildformat Fullscreen 1.33:1
Laufzeit 148 Minuten
Veröffentlichung 06.08.2002

Special Features
  • Monster Trailers for The Cyclops, Equinox, Island of the Dinosaurs, The Loch Ness Horror, Lost
  • Continent, One Million AC/DC, Sound of Horror, Tom Thumb and Valley of the Dragons!
  • A teen goes back in time and returns with a Claymation dinosaur in hilarious homemade Short Subject #1: Nightmare!
  • Comic Hank Henry looks for cave babes and dinosaurs in Short Subject #2: Prehistoric Daze!
  • Beauty loves the Beast in Stupid-Ape Short Subject #3: Diane the Jungle Girl and Her Gorilla of Love!
  • Gallery of Amazing Trash-O-Rama Exploitation Art with Radio Spot Rarities!

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